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How We Can Work With You


At Stayable we understand that investing in property can feel like a big step with lots of strategies and with so many options available it can be difficult to take those first steps, that’s why we offer people looking to invest an opportunity to work with us. This way you can also be involved in the process or be a bit more hands off, whatever works for you and you get to learn about investing in property in more depth gaining more knowledge as we work together.

So If you are interested in receiving a greater return on your money instead of it sitting idle in the bank, contact us to see how we could work together on future projects.

Let’s look at a few elements of your property journey with Stayable Ltd and answer some key questions:

Why Invest In Property?

Property is always needed and as such can be a very flexible investment if you get it working the right way for you and you enter into any transaction with a reason and a goal. Whatever your current financial status or what your financial goals are property has historically been known as an investment strategy that makes sense – Let’s look at the 3 ensuring reasons why investing in property is such a solid investment choice.

tickCapital Growth Over time property values will generally increase, it has historically proven its ability to deliver capital gain provided you select the right area with correct supply/demand ratio and demographics

tick Positive Cash Flow – Property has the ability to produce some great income depending on the demand, location and property type and taking the right steps with the right strategy to meet demand. Certain property strategies offer exceptional cashflow and the extra income it can produce can definitely assist in all areas of your life and take you on a journey to become financially independent.

tick Adding Value – Have you ever driven or walked by a property you thought looked awful and when you arrived to view, you noticed a awful foul smelling odour and the overall condition appeared to be terrible? Dont be put off! You can renovate, subdivide or develop and create value out of thin air even through a simple paint job– unlike other asset classes

Why Invest Now?

Why invest in property now in today’s current market?

Let’s start with statistics, which show that In the next 20 years the number of UK households is expected to reach 28 million – an increase of around 250,000 households each year! The UK is currently more crowded then any other country in the EU and the latest government estimates suggest that around 232,000 properties need to be built every year just to keep up with the ever increasing demand. Since 2002 rental demand for property has almost doubled, forecasts suggests that by the end of 2016, 1 in 5 UK households could be living in rental accommodation, resulting in a requirement for an additional 1.1 million rental properties in the UK.

In short, the main reasons we see that suggest that now is the time you should invest in property are:

tick Record levels of population growth in the UK

tick Housing supply at a 100 year low

tick 20% of the population will rent within the next 5 years

tickRising Rental Yields

tick Variety of different strategies

Why Invest Alongside Stayable Ltd?

At Stayable we are all about getting to know our investors, we are very mindful of who we enter into a Joint Venture with and we know the importance of business relationships. Each time we embark on a Joint Venture, the journey is slightly different to meet the requirements of each individual investor and their needs.

Speak to us about your requirements from an investment today.


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What Our Clients Say

First off - Elaine is fantastic at what she does. Truly understands her Industry and it shows like crazy in the podcast and website. Second off - if you have a Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Property or are thinking of expanding your property portfolio into this area LISTEN...Right Now!

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